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2017-10-12 / Front Page


P.S. 276 Says Bullying Must Go
By Jason Linetsky

Photo by Jason Linetsky Who can tear big books in half? Who can bend steel bars into pretzels? Who can break baseball bats with their bare hands? Ladies and gentlemen, I present, Omegaman!

Students from P.S. 276 Louis Marshall, 1070 East 83rd Street, jumped to their feet and cheered for a superhero who is out fighting the evil of bullies across the country. Marc Wilkes, president and chief operating officer of The HERO Revolution, visited the school last week, dressed in his signature Omegaman costume, to teach kids how to treat each other and how to help others who are being bullied.

The school’s dean, Erica Lewis Mieres, organized the event, which involved volunteers, including kids and staff, cast as the villains. HERO, also known as “Helping Everyone Respect Others,” was the mantra for the morning as Wilkes explained the steps people take to become bullies - from a simple onetime verbal or physical attack to continuous, more frequent attacks. He also described how other people and specific situations can influence bullies.

With the Book of Bad Choices, Wilkes told stories of kids doing negative acts that may escalate into making them bullies. He then tore the book in half, flinging the pages everywhere. In one case, he asked a student to hold on as tight as he could to a towel as Wilkes tugged him around the stage, showing the audience how important it is to hold onto their dreams no matter how hard the dreams are to accomplish. In another, two students and staff members were given the roles of bad influences. They were carried around on Wilkes’ back to show how problems can grow and that the biggest problem is actually when everything began, not when it became a large problem.

Following the presentation, students were taken outside to pin blue ribbons to a banner, forming the letters “Stomp Out Bullying.” They promised to respect everyone and treat them fairly.

For more information about Omegaman and how you can have his non-profit visit your school, meeting or other event, call 888-315- 6772 or email Wilkes at Visit his website at

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