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2018-01-18 / Other News

Plows Don’t Always Play Well With Others

By D. Rybstein

You’ve lived in Gerritsen Beach your entire life. You’ve gotten used to the narrow streets with their alphabetical naming patterns. You can deal with the occasional power outage and low- level flooding. You negotiate poorly paved roads in your car while looking for that rare parking spot near your home. You’ve nearly recuperated from Superstorm Sandy that devastated your neighborhood a few years ago.

What can go wrong?

Sanitation snow removal crews getting lax, according to some longtime “Beachers.”

Some residents – especially those living at the end of dead- end streets – found access to their property blocked by mounds of snow after last week’s storm. The culprits are snow crews dumping the white stuff at the end of a block where there are not a lot of options for disposal. Sidewalks and driveways at the ends of these blocks “fill” up fast. There are many dead- end streets in “The Beach.”

An example was pointed out to the Canarsie Courier. On Channel Avenue just off Ebony Court, crews piled the white stuff nice and high, preventing access. Said one homeowner who preferred anonymity, “In the old days, the backhoe simply dumped the snow over the barrier into the water. That was much better.” His neighbor added, “The street was open for emergency vehicle access too.”

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