2018-01-18 / Guest Column


Biting Your Cheek At Night

If you’ve noticed that you sometimes bite your cheek when you’re sleeping, this may indicate a combination of problems, such as tension, irregularities in teeth surfaces, or improperly aligned teeth. Some people express tension by clenching or grinding their teeth, either while awake or unconsciously when they’re asleep. When the lower teeth are rubbed against the upper teeth, this is called bruxism. If you grind your teeth from side to side, this may result in a bite or damage to your cheeks or lips.

The dental aspects can be helped by your dentist. For instance, the relationship of your bite can be checked to see if there are any irregularities that are causing problems. Your dentist may suggest that you wear a

Hawley-type appliance or a night guard to help break the bruxing habit.

This will also provide another way of checking your bite to find out what dental problems should be corrected.

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