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2018-01-11 / Other News

A “Main” In The Neck

By D. Rybstein

Freezing temperatures early Sunday morning caused a Melba Court water main to crack. The burst pipe, buried just below the street surface between Noel and Madoc Avenues, spilled thousands of gallons of ice-cold water into a row of houses on Melba Court and around the corner on Lester Court. The “river” found its way into basements - wrecking living quarters - as evidenced by furniture now awaiting collection at the curb by the city’s Sanitation Department.

The city responded to the gushing water with emergency workers from the FDNY, the Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Gerritsen Beach is a village-like neighborhood that is over 100 years old, with narrow one-way streets, making movement tough for heavy equipment to get to the scene. Teams of workers could be seen digging up the street to get the water shut off and the offending pipe ripped out. The weekend’s storm, dumping up to a foot of snow, did not help matters for the residents of this tiny seashore neighborhood.

Gerritsen Beach’s streets were overly congested

Sunday morning, making it tough to evacuate at any time – let alone 6 a.m. by sleepy residents. Backhoe loaders were used to tear up the street and to load up the dump trucks waiting nearby. Chunks of the street’s pavement and the dirt underneath were removed.

Fred, a resident of Lester Court, told the Canarsie Courier that his son had a friend who was flooded out of his apartment. “He’s a really nice kid. I wonder where he will live now. After Sandy, we just don’t get a break around here.”

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