2016-09-22 / Guest Column

Are You Considering Psychotherapy?

By Michael Feld, L.C.S.W.
Certified Psychoanalyst
Licensed Psychotherapist

Usually people consider psychotherapy as a vehicle for relieving the distress of emotional upset and illness. Sometimes a person’s physician will recommend psychotherapy because he or she believes the patient’s discomfort is predominantly psychological. Less fortunate people sometimes run from one doctor to another seeking the one medication that will end their misery. It’s safe to say that people consider psychotherapy as a form of treatment when they experience unbearably distressing emotional symptoms that cause them much psychic pain.

Psychotherapists recognize that the problem which disturbs the person is in some way related either to past developmental or learning difficulties, or to present-day environmental conditions which tax the individual’s coping capacity to a point beyond which one can effectively tolerate. Psychotherapists believe that through the therapy experience, which is a new learning experience, an individual can avail him or herself of alternatives toward a better way of adapting to life.

The patient’s and the therapist’s immediate goal is to achieve some relief from the existing symptoms causing the excess stress. Relief can sometimes be affected through shortterm treatment. Once this is accomplished, the person may desire to re-assess his or her goals so that he or she can learn how to better cope with the continuing hardships of life. Long-term therapy is more in-depth and focused on maximizing the individual’s creative capacity. The work of long-term therapy requires the individual to learn all one can about his or her personality and make up one’s character structure. Regardless of the type of therapy selected, growth and greater self-realization are always the byproducts.

Prepared as a public service from the office of Psychotherapist Michael Feld, L.C. S.W. (718) 444-8560

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