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Congrats On The First 95 Years!

Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate you on your 95th anniversary of publication. The Canarsie Courier is an institution that many of us grew up with, and it’s wonderful that it continues to be a part of the community today. My dad (Chuck Rogers) was proud to be the Managing Editor for many years, and he was always grateful for the people he called family— in the community, at the 69th Precinct, FDNY Engine 257/Ladder 170, local businesses— and of course his coworkers at the Canarsie Courier.

A note of clarity in regards to Ira M. Kluger’s letter in the 4/28 edition. Ira speaks of a letter that he had access to, which was in my Dad’s files, stating that the founder of the Canarsie Courier, Walter S. Patrick, was a communist and atheist, before renouncing communism and later becoming an ordained minister. Mr. Kluger was puzzled that he had never seen the letter before and wonders why it wasn’t shared with him.

However, as Mr. Kluger points out, the letter was written by someone who was twice removed from the facts. The writer was someone that only knew the landlord of Mr. Patrick. I would imagine that my Dad, ever the staunch newsman, would have not wanted to share information that was just hearsay. Without corroborating evidence, I believe he would have felt that there was no point in potentially smearing the name of a man who meant so much to the community. It is also possible that this was not such a big deal to him; there were many communist sympathizers at the time of the depression, and atheism is nothing to be ashamed of. While he may have been protecting Mr. Patrick’s image for Mr. Kluger, I believe that it was my Dad's professionalism in presenting a story through proven fact that would always lead the way in deciding whether to share it or not.

I know that my Dad valued Mr. Kluger’s friendship, as he did so many others at the Canarsie Courier. I would hear stories about the people he worked with and interacted with at the Canarsie Courier on a daily basis, and I know how important those friendships were to him.

Again, congratulations to the Canarsie Courier on your first 95 years!

Best, Chris Rogers

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