2016-05-05 / Guest Column


Painful Gums

An abscess (sometimes known as a gum boil) in the gum tissue can be a painful experience. It may result from an infection within the tooth itself, which means a nerve is dying or has died.

The breakdown products move in the path of least resistance through the bone and then through the gum.

The abscess could also be caused by a trapping of food or bacterial products in the gum space we call a “pocket” (an opening between the gum and the tooth) which is a symptom of periodontal disease.

If the entrance to the pocket closes tightly around an area of heavy breakdown, then the toxins accumulate and create pressure in the gum wall. Again, you may have pain and swelling. It will be painful, will not cure itself and will only get worse without treatment. Your dentist can relieve your discomfort, determine the cause of the abscess and treat the tooth or gum pocket if the tooth is worth saving.

From the office of Dr. Gary S. Rafal, 9915 Seaview Avenue. 718-763- 7799.

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