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What's Your Opinion?

Question: Which subway lines do you take on a regular basis, and, in your opinion, have these trains/subway stations been adequately air conditioned so far this summer?

“Mostly the L train to and from work. Most of the time, but not all of the time, the air conditioning is good. Sometimes in the afternoon, it’s not functioning adequately.” Jeremy F., Canarsie More...


Jamaica Claims First With Dominant Win While Dominica Tops Antigua & Barbuda

As the season moved into the second half of the preliminary round, teams playing in week 8 of the New York Caribbean Cup Soccer Tournament knew that a victory would have playoff implications.  Dominica (1-1-1) made a case for the post-season by More...

Practice Makes Perfect For 69th Precinct’s Baseball League

Wednesday’s Game

Even though it rained during one of the 69th Precinct Community Council baseball clinics last week, kids had a great time learning fundamentals of the sport. More...

Guest Column

The Pointing Finger

Austerity Tomorrow and Austerity Yesterday But Never Austerity Today

Watching all those Greek students marching through the streets of Athens, waving the Greek flag, wrapped in the Greek flag, laughing, singing, cheering...could remind a person of the French students in 'Les Mis' and the Paris uprising of 18 More...


What Happened To Novocaine?

The vast majority of dental treatments are done with local anesthetic. It’s safe and easy to use and the patient is comfortable and conscious. More...

Solving Our Inner Conflicts

We experience inner conflicts because we are filled with emotional drives, impulses, needs and passions that pull us in opposite directions. More...

Other News

They’re “Raven” About Summer Fun

Glenwood Road, between Durland Place and East 92nd Street in Canarsie, was closed off to traffic last Friday so that hundreds of kids from Raven’s Summer Camp could enjoy a day outdoors. More...

Stray Bullets Fly

Saturday was a violent day in our community when two people were injured from being shot – seemingly while minding their own business.  More...

Canarsie Pier Is Looking Better – And Cleaner – Than Ever!

In the midst of summertime celebrations at Canarsie Pier, it’s good to know that there are volunteers willing to spiffy up the grounds. More...

Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is

Park Yourself Somewhere And Take Your Mess With You!

After years of literally running to crime scenes and getting winded, I finally put the exhausting sport to good use. More...

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