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What's Your Opinion?

Question: Now that the weather’s getting warmer, where will you be spending your time outdoors?

“Most of the time, I’m working. But when I get free time, I go down to the Canarsie Pier. I go out with nets - and go crabbing with my friends. Alvado Mendez, Canarsie More...

Kudos From Kingsborough Community College!

Dear Mrs. Rosa, Thank you for featuring a mini booster of the Canarsie Courier in the commemorative journal for Kingsborough Community College’s 10th Annual Seaside Splash, “Let Dreams Grow: A Farm To Table Celebration!” More...

Please Fix The Old Canarsie Movie Theater!

Dear Editor: The abandoned Canarsie Movie Theater (on Avenue L near East 93rd Street) has been empty for many years. It is an eyesore and dangerous!! More...


Chiefs End 2-0 With Ugly Win Over Brooklyn Studio

It doesn’t always have to be pretty. A win is a win, for the most part, head coach Daniel Paradis said. More...

Caribbean Cup Inc. Kickoffs NY Soccer Tournament With Media Event

Last week Caribbean Cup Inc. More...

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Other News

Another Accident at Dangerous Corner

Kings Highway is known to be a dangerous thoroughfare, and there was yet another accident at the intersection of Kings Highway and Avenue J on Thursday, May 7th. A crash occurred on the service road of Kings Highway around 6:25 p.m. More...

Special Holiday Hosted By Chabad Of Canarsie

The Jewish community celebrated the Hebrew holiday Lag B’Omer on May 7th. More...

Community Mourns Teen’s Death

A 14-year-old was clinging to her life for a week following a motorcycle accident in East New York. Last weekend she passed away from her injuries and an outpour of sympathy has been expressed by her loved ones at the tragic site.  More...

Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is

The Curtain’s Going To Remain Down At This Theater

Some of you who have lived in Canarsie for over 20 years might remember the last movie you saw at the Canarsie Movie Theater on East 93rd Street and Avenue L. More...

Guest Column


Post-Operative Infections

If you undergo an operation in a hospital, you normally spend time in “recovery,” where you are carefully cared for to insure no “post-op” infection develops. A dentist does not have this luxury (nor does the patient). More...

Feeling Bored, Empty and Lost

Some people walk around as though they are in a fog. They carry with them a feeling of living in a haze. They seem to be unaware of people and things around them. More...

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