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Don’t Ignore Women’s Progress!

“Telling It like It Is,” in your opinion (“I’ll Start A Fire When It Comes To Equal Rights,” January 8, 2015) felt more like telling it like it was in 1965. Shame on you for using maternity as one of the reasons not to hire a woman. Shame on her for saying even if a woman was six feet tall and works out, she would not be up to the challenges of a firefighter. Perhaps she never saw some of the men who are shorter then six feet tall.

Perhaps she’s never been to a gym and met with strong women.

Apparently, she’s not aware that women in the armed service are on the front lines; they pilot fighter jets and their training is no less vigorous than the men who serve with them. But what angered me most was using a woman’s menstrual years, where she might need strong medications and choosing two possible diagnoses, as a reason to keep women from gaining their equal rights. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this article was written by a man!

Barbara Reiner

Canarsie Editor’s Note:

Thank you for your feedback Barbara. My column did not claim that maternity is a reason why the FDNY does not hire women. My view was based on recent articles published that pertained to the low number of women who apply for jobs as firefighters and how the FDNY might lower its testing standards to accommodate women, which I do not agree with. While I’m aware of the admirable women who serve our country in various capacities, my view is specifically about why women may not enter many male-dominated professions as a result of physical limitations which men do not have. I would like to witness more women in our community taking on physically demanding jobs in the FDNY. Until then, I can only write about what I witness as a reporter in the community.

Dara Mormile

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