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Debating The Location Of The Quonset Huts

We received several posts on the Canarsie Courier’s Facebook page regarding the “Then and Now” article in our August 7th issue, disputing the location of the Quonset Huts. The U.S. More...

Striking Out At The Ball Fields

Dear Editor: The “Then and Now” article written by Linda Steinmuller (Page 39 of the August 7th issue) describes the ball fields as the Monroe Cohen Ball Fields. This is an error; the ball fields are on lease to the Kings County American Legion. More...

Thanks For The Adventure!

Dear Editor,   Thank you for the tickets I won for Adventurer’s Amusement Park. My grandsons, ages 7 and 11, had a wonderful time. The park was clean and the rides were fun for the boys. Once again, many thanks from a devoted reader. More...


A Champion Is In Sight: Caribbean Cup Semifinals

The Caribbean Cup semifinals round came to a close in the most dramatic fashion with last minute goals and questionable no calls. St. More...

Guest Column


Better Looking Fillings

Cosmetic dentistry is nothing new. What is new is our improved materials. For example, we can now place composite resin fillings in front and back teeth. These are porcelaintype fillings which look more natural in your mouth. More...

Symptoms Of Depersonalization Disorder

Many people complain of feeling as though they are in a fog, unable to concentrate and having the experience as if they had momentarily tuned out everything and everyone around them. More...

Other News

Kids Shoot For “Birdies” At Local Course

Brooklyn kids had a chance to show off their newly acquired golf skills last Thursday night at Marine Park Golf Course – thanks to a free program that teaches youngsters how to golf.  More...

BP Says Former Councilman Will Join His Staff

It’s been a while since the public’s seen Lew Fidler in the community. After he vacated his city council seat last year, which he served for three terms, he stayed out of the spotlight – but only for a while.  More...

Too Fast On Flatlands

Back-to-school shoppers scurrying to make their final purchases at Gateway Mall were detained around noon on Wednesday as traffic slowed to a halt at the intersection of Flatlands and Schenck avenues. The reason?  More...

Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is

Trying To Plant A Few Good Seeds In Our Community’s Weeds

Teenagers aren’t expected to have too much life experience. More...

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