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What's Your Opinion?

Question: Are you looking forward to back to school time? Why or why not?

“Education is so vitally important for the children - so in that sense I’m looking forward to back-to-school time. More...


Caribbean Cup Tournament Marched To The Beat Of Its Own Drums

Caribbean Cup Classic Quarterfinals round came to a close today as the final four teams in the round faced off to set the stage for next week’s semifinals action. More...

Guest Column

Some Thoughts On Why People Cheat On Their Spouses

We live in an age where infidelity, or the breaking of marriage vows, is a very common phenomenon. In some instances, the couple is mismatched and incompatible, and divorce is a welcome relief for both partners. More...


Biting Problems

A bad bite can cause problems. In dentistry, we call this malocclusion, the improper contact between ViEws On teeth and jaws. There are lots of causes. More...

It Came This Close On Conklin Avenue!

Parking under the tree on the northeast side of Conklin Avenue and East 92nd Street can be dangerous. Just ask Christopher Brown, whose home is only feet away from a dangerous tree with limbs that break off onto the street and sidewalk.  More...

Other News

Local Mas Camp Prepares For Upcoming Carnival Season

“Sixteen years and I’m enjoying it just as much as I did when I first started,” said associate band leader Wendell Jack. Jack and his band, which is named Controversial Festival, are located in Canarsie at Farragut Road. More...

Everyone Wants To Clown Around At The Canarsie Library

The library’s a great place to borrow a book…research that big project… or party with a clown! More...

Police Look For Robbery Suspect In Flatlands Area

Officials are looking for a man – possibly in his late teens to early 20s – who’s responsible for a robbery at a laundromat near East 46th Street and Avenue L.  More...

Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is

What Will The NYPD Do When They’re On Not-So-Candid Camera?

A dmit it – you’d love to be famous! That’s why you’re thinking that all those special moments in your life belong on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and whatever the hell else exposes your sparkling personality.  More...

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