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2014-03-20 / Letters/Opinion

What's Your Opinion?

Compiled by Jason Linetsky

Question: Officials say that students who are eligible for free lunch in public schools don't participate because of the possible “poverty stigma” associated with the program. Do you think this is the main reason children turn down free lunches? Why or why not?

“There is nothing wrong with accepting the lunch program’s food. It’s a good program for all kids.”

Deyonce K,

“All the parents who turn it down are most likely poor. Whether they admit it or not, they should still accept it. If they really don’t want to then they should send lunch with their kids like I do with mine.”

Glenn W,

“The program should be extended to all kids. Amajority of kids don’t eat at home or don’t have food or their parents can’t afford food because they are unemployed.”

Bianca S,

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