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What's Your Opinion?

Question: How do you think Mayor Bill de Blasio handled the city’s recent snowstorm? Was your block cleared in a timely manner? “I think he did a great job. The streets were cleared fairly quickly. More...



Kenneth “Canarsie Ken” Arluck, 57, passed away on Wednesday, January 22nd.   More...

Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is

There’s Sno-way This Mayor Is Prepared To Deal With Our City!

“W alking In A Winter Wonderland...” are fitting lyrics – for the holidays. It really is a beautiful sight when you're home, nice and cozy, and the fluffy white snow is falling peacefully.  More...

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Students And Teachers Learn Creative Ways To Keep Fit

In an effort to promote healthy living and exercise among elementary school students, representatives from the Department of Education’s (DOE) School Wellness Works visited P.S. More...

Dialing Up A Robbery On Ralph

Police are looking for a suspect wanted in connection with a robbery at a cell phone store in Georgetown.  According to police, the suspect allegedly walked into an AT&T store located at 2152 Ralph Avenue on Monday, January 20th. More...

Cops Of The Month Honored For Making Streets Safer

Thanks to alert police officers with the 69th Precinct, guns are being taken off the street. More...

Guest Column


“This, that, and the other...”

At a recent College Opportunity Summit, President Obama opined that the educational playing field is unequal, that it’s not fair and is getting worse. More...

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