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What's Your Opinion?

Question: Following the incident in Bryant Park’s skating rink, wherein a 16 year-old shot two people over a coat, what do you think should be done to make public recreational sites like this safer? More...


Vikings Pull Out Thrilling Overtime Win Over Grady To Advance To Championship

With the score tied at 14 and two seconds to go in regulation, Grady kicker Marckenson Desgrottes lined up to attempt a game-winning 25-yard field goal. More...

Canarsie JV Gives Football Program Every Reason To Be Optimistic

If the way Canarsie’s junior varsity football team played this season is an indication of things to come, then 2014 should be bright for the varsity program. More...

Emotions That Make The Body Hurt

There are some people who suffer from all sorts of physical ailments. These people are in a constant state of discomfort and disease. They are unable to find any comfortable position or moments. More...

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Riders Say New B44 Shuttle Is A ‘Bus’t

While the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has championed its rollout of the new B44 Select Bus Service (SBS), local residents are voicing their dissent.  “It's terrible. Basically the first day, I waited 20 minutes. More...

No Fatalities After Two Shootings Here, Say Police

Blood stained the ground at East 93rd Street and Avenue A last Thursday afternoon when a 23-yearold man was shot multiple times.  Police say a 23 to 25-year-old man was seen running westbound on Avenue A after the victim was shot. More...

Temple Sholom Remembers Kristallnacht

On November 9, 1938, the world began to see a level of cruelty never before known. Members of the Nazi regime in Germany and Austria started attacking Jewish homes and businesses. More...

Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is

You Won’t Be Able To See The Forest From These Trees!

I f a tree falls on your house or your car and no one's there to hear it, does that mean it made a noise?  More...

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Have A Heart or ... Maybe A Kidney

“Of course I’m pro-choice. A woman owns her body and can do what she wants with it.”  “Even give part of it away? Donate a kidney?”  “Of course. More...

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