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2013-11-07 / Letters/Opinion

What's Your Opinion?

Compiled by
Bill O’Neill

Question: In an effort to snuff out smoking at a young age, the New York City Council voted to hike the legal age for buying cigarettes to 21 years old. Do you think this will help curtail teen smoking? Why or Why not?

“No, it won’t. If someone wants something, they will get it. Cigarettes are already high priced. People still buy them. The price of an item - or the age required to purchase an item- will not discourage people from buying that item. The teens will still get the cigarettes.”

Tia B.,

“It won’t curtail teen smoking. Because of peer pressure, kids get involved with a lot of things that are not good for themsmoking, drugs, drinking and street violence. To curtail teen smoking, you have to go much deeper than raising the age to 21. You have to insure that kids have strong parental guidance at home which steers them away from teen smoking.”

Fauanaude Matthews,
Spring Creek

“No, it won’t help. As long as there are people willing to buy cigarettes for them, they will get the cigarettes. And store owners don’t even proof the kids. I’ve seen it. Plus, you can buy loose cigarettes on the street for fifty cents.”

Doreen Willis,

“If we raise the age, there will be less smoking in general. And less people will be interested in smoking. So yes, it will curtail teen smoking a little bit.”

David J.,

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