2013-10-17 / Guest Column


How Often Should I Visit?

If you are married to a dentist, you will probably see him every day. For patients, it used to be every six months. Today, most dentists believe it should be “as often as necessary.”

I know there are more pleasurable things to do than making a dental office visit when there’s “nothing wrong,” but at the very least, no one can clean his own teeth perfectly, and it allows the dentist to keep track of developing problems.

Even if you are certain you have no decay or gum condition, the dentist will probe the gums to make certain the periodontal disease, which can affect everyone, is not quietly developing.

Your dentist will minutely check your teeth with an explorer, or take X-rays to find and treat any hidden cavities. He may find that the potential for trouble is there and want to see you in three months. Perhaps he may feel that seeing you twice a year is sufficient.

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