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2013-10-03 / Letters/Opinion

What's Your Opinion?

Compiled by Bill O’Neill

Question: Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced that there will be “text safe” zones at rest stops along major New York state highways to combat distracted driving. Do you think that “text stops” will prevent motorists from using their phone while they’re driving? Why or why not?

“‘Text safe’ zones will cause a lot of problems - and won’t prevent motorists from texting while driving. The ‘text safe’ zone is a distraction for motorists themselves: motorists have to react to calls and pull over.”

Kristie Appiah,
East New York

“The zones will disrupt traffic flow - going to the ‘text safe’ zone – and getting back on the highway. Also, I don’t think it’s worth the enormous cost to the state just to combat distracted driving.”

Richard Tarver,

“It might help. But there are more important things that the governor should spend money on, such as fixing state roads, clearing away potholes on city streets - and keeping buses on time.”

Jalissa Johnson,

“‘Text safe’ zones will help because it’s convenient to pull over. In Russia, the penalty for texting and driving is minimal - about $30. I do it all the time when the traffic is slow. It’s an integral part of my work - and keeping in touch with family and friends. If I couldn’t text and drive, I wouldn’t even drive. I’d find another form of transportation.”

Eugene Bukhtin,
Moscow, Russia

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Hello "text safe" zone in a

Hello "text safe" zone in a rest area? If you pull into a rest area, park the car and text you are legal. Does the Gov. have an unemployed friend with 10,000 gallons of paint and blanks for signs that needs work? Enforce the rules we have now!
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