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2013-08-08 / Letters/Opinion

What's Your Opinion?

Question: Have you started shopping for your children's school supplies yet? How soon will you start preparing your kids for the school year?

“l’ll start in the next few weeks - when the Labor Day sales are here. My son plays baseball for the Latin Souls baseball team - so I have to keep up with baseball supplies.”

Elisa Brothers,

“I finished. I spent $248. My son starts school on the 22nd of August - so I needed to get everything in time.”

Loyed Dran,
East New York

“No, I haven't started yet. And I should start near the end of August. That’s my time to start.”

Sharon Gordon,
East New York

“I started. But there are still a lot of things I have to get. And then the teachers also want you to get specific supplies. I’ll probably finish around Labor Day.”

Sheila Bourdon,

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