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What's Your Opinion?

Question: Mayor Bloomberg is proposing a plan in which residents must recycle food to be used for composting. What do you think about having to recycle food and are you for it or against it? More...

View From the Middle

View From The Middle

President’s Decision On Syria: Could War Be An Option?

The “rock and a hard place” idiom prevails nowadays with the problem of what to do with Syria. Mostly, what we need is leadership and, let’s face it, President Obama is stuck, uh, you-know-where.  More...

Telling It Like It Is

I’m Going To Make A Big Stink Of This Environmental Idea!

A nd heeeeeee's at it again! You know who I'm talking about! The man who has a few months left to tell you that what you've been doing for most of your life is about to change! More...

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Other News

Students End The School Year With Annual Dance Performance

It’s the last week of school and P.S. 115 celebrated with a dance performance for staff and parents. More...

NYPD Catch Of The Day

A firearm was seen floating in Jamaica Bay off Canarsie Pier last Sunday. Local fishermen say they tried to “catch” the gun with their fishing lines but were unable to do so because of very high and low tides. More...

SUV Flips On Street Known For Speeding

Paerdegat Avenue North has a long-standing reputation as a speeding zone – and for good reason. At approximately 1:35 p.m. More...

Guest Column


Never Underestimate The Power Of The Republican Party... To Self-Destruct

Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, NSA, Five million dollars for the Obamas to go to Ireland with the prez, Daddy Prez. 100 million for The Family to take a trip to Africa next month (Sequester? What sequester? More...

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