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What's your opinion?

Question: Last week, Council Speaker Christine Quinn proposed that the legal age to be able to buy cigarettes should be raised from 18 to 21. Do you think this would deter teens from smoking? Why or why not?   More...

‘Pier’ At Us For Answers!

Dear Editor,  More...

Time To Put Down The Gun!

Dear Editor:  Enough is enough, Mr. Rogers! Since the start of 2013, you have written four columns about America’s gun problem. More...

Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is

I’m NOT Happy To Report On This Terrible New Report

There's nothing like working in a newsroom. When a call comes in about an interesting story or possible assignment that could change residents' perspectives, it really makes my career worthwhile.  More...

View From the Middle

View From The Middle

Could Boston Bombings Affect Immigration Legislation?

Just when the “Gang of Eight” thought they had the immigration reform legislation proposal all neatly tied up, along came the Boston Marathon bombing and slowed the whole process down.  More...

Other News

Ryder Elementary School Gets Things Growing Again!

It’s been 15 long years since P.S. 114’s greenhouse has operated. Thanks to the dedicated staff at the Remsen Avenue school, students recently honed their green thumb once again! Located in the basement of the school, the greenhouse gives students a chance to learn about science in a hands-on fashion by growing their own plants. Teacher Joe St. John now instructs students at the greenhouse, at ten classes per week in 45 minute intervals. Right now, the program serves children in pre-k through second grade. All of the students expressed their excitement as the greenhouse was brought back to life and look forward to giving the fruits of their labor to their moms just in time for Mother’s Day. Photos by Dara Mormile
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Catch An Orthodontic Problem Early: Part II

You may not be overly concerned about your child’s primary teeth because these “baby teeth” will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth—but you should be. The health and care of your child’s teeth will have a direct effect on the condition of his permanent teeth when they’re ready to make their appearance. For example, any decay can be hazardous. Left untreated, the affected tooth may break or be lost before its time. This may cause the permanent teeth to become crowded or crooked. Decayed or lost primary teeth may also cause speech difficulties and affect the child’s personality and appetite. Cold, hot or hard foods may be difficult to eat. Decayed and infected teeth can also cause other health problems when left untreated. The office of Gary S. Rafal is located at 9915 Seaview Avenue. For an appointment, call 718-763-7799.
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They hate us because of our way of life, our freedoms, our movies, our music. That’s why they want to kill us, and themselves? Does that make any sense to anybody?... Any-body? Talk about getting a lousy review in tomorrow’s Times! “Osama, that American singer, now she sings of being ‘like a virgin.’ She is mocking The Messenger and our beliefs about Allah!” “You are right, Mohamed. We cannot allow this. Go and call Khalid, Nawaf, and Ziad, then get 15 more. Go to America. Take flight training. When you are ready, you must hijack several American airplanes. Fly them into tall buildings, the taller the better. Forget your family, your friends, the wonderful life you had planned. This will not stand.” “Okay, Osama. But one thing...” “Yes, Mohamed?” “That ‘stand’ business. Please, no more George Bush impersonations.” Hard to believe but there was a time when America was widely respected and admired in the Middle East. We had the same freedoms we have now, similar way of life, maybe slightly different music, but...all that was before oil was an issue and before we were supporting the Shah, the Saudi royal family and all the rest. Would it have made a difference if we weren’t always the ones backing those guys? Who knows? There are fringe people everywhere and they’re always looking for an excuse to do bad things to people. But still, maybe the Founders were onto something with that business about ‘no entangling al-liances.’ Might even work better than bringing back the Big Band Era or silent movies or......Who knows? Visit our blog at: - We’ll leave the light on for you. Dr. Finger practices medicine (Otolaryngology) in Brooklyn. He ran for Congress in ‘06 on both Libertarian and Republican lines. Contact:
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Deceased Player Honored In Robinson Softball Classic At Starrett City

Last Saturday, 500 Men Making A Difference, in conjunction with the Incredible Gifts Academy, held its annual charity Welcome to Brooklyn Jackie Robinson Softball Classic at the Spring Creek Little League baseball fields located on Louisiana and Seav More...

Lady Chiefs Power Their Way Into Second Round Of Wrestling Playoffs

Many members of Canarsie Educational Campus’ girls wrestling squad are new to the sport, still learning the finer points of the grappling arts. More...

Lively Bats Propel Canarsie To Another Productive Week

The Chiefs’ offense exploded for 45 runs in the four games they played Tuesday at Canarsie Park, powering the team to a 3-1 week and keeping the team’s hopes for a playoff spot looking bright.  More...

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