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2011-09-29 / Letters/Opinion

What's Your Opinion?

QUESTION: Statistics tell us that crime is on a slight increase in the city lately. How do you feel about that and what do you think should be done?
Compiled by Bill O’Neill

“It's a little depressing that the quality of life in the city has gone down. I think they should go back to what Giuliani used to do – focus on the little crimes like littering and spitting. When you do that the big crimes will decrease.” –Raymond Hernandez, Georgetown
“I would attribute the slight increase to the economy– and a lack of jobs. I would surely not cut the police. We need more police presence on the streets – too many guns and senseless shootings.” –Leonard Pursner, Canarsie
“I'm concerned about it. It's due to the economy. I think there should be more neighborhood cops walking the beat. Manhattan has a lot. We need more in the outer boroughs.” –Susan Rodriguez, Coney Island
“It's very worrisome. The police should go out into the neighborhood – outreach. Get more people involved. Get people's opinions and be more sensitive to racial issues.” –Jeanne McKenzie, Marine Park

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