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2010-11-18 / View From the Middle

“New” Administration Is Reverting To The Same Old Tactics

View From The Middle
By Charles Rogers
Frankly, I thought there would be more of a “to do” about the latest wool-pulling over our eyes by the White House when a report was issued last week that they allegedly out-and-out lied about a ban on new oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

The inspector general of the Department of the Interior said the administration edited a safety report so as to make it sound like a group of scientists and other experts supported a six-month ban on new drilling down there.

This led, of course, to the implication that other scientists had reviewed the moratorium recommendation.

But, according to a recent Associated Press release quoting the Interior Department, it hadn’t. The scientists had only been asked to review some new safety measures being installed for general offshore drilling, which, essentially, has nothing to do with the April 20th disaster in which 11 workers were killed, not to mention the domestic tragedy that affected the population of at least three lower states.

With the release of the reports, and the subsequent questions following it, one would have thought there would have been more yelling and screaming, at least from the Republican side of Congress. Since the reports came out during the first week in November, however, perhaps the GOP was so wrapped up in having won the House in the recent election, they just dismissed it as trivial — too trivial to mess with at this early stage of their upcoming reign.

Maybe the topic of the Gulf Oil Coverup (my title) will come up again. The idea that the administration just doesn’t change — no matter who is president — is what should make us angriest of all. The idealistic feelings of our young, first-time voters who put Barack Obama in office in 2008 was actually a wonder to behold.

The young people felt they had a dream at their fingertips, especially with the idea of a minority — the first black man to be an active candidate for the Presidency or the first woman to be an active candidate — as a choice to lead the country, how could a new voter go wrong? It was an idealistic fight and, lo and behold, when Obama won there was indeed a feeling of jubilation.

Either way, something NEW was happening. Providence was not just a word and things would change now that we have all those good things going for us, like Patriotism and Justice and Truth (and the American way!).

Sad, isn’t it, that we were so enthused at first and how short time has passed for the wind to go out of our sails. Those wonderful changes we expected have eluded us, haven’t they? Barack Obama is just a man after all, with strong and weak sides; with good and bad sides.

Just a man.

Those good words like truth and justice seem to have taken a back seat to the same old political stuff we’ve been hearing for years and years; administration after administration. True, at only two years, the current government is young, but they’re learning the ropes — good and bad. It seemed they had the right ideas at first, if only they’d taken the time to learn how to implement them. But now they’ve learned some of the bad ideas too, like altering reports and being subversive and not being “up front” with us.

The more things change….

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