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Other News

Remsen Ave Collision

A four door Honda sedan collided with a black 1997 Dodge pickup truck (inset) last Thursday morning at Remsen and Foster avenues. More...

Man Wounded In Flatlands Shooting

A 24-year-old man was shot once in the left leg as he was walking on East 80th Street near Flatlands Avenue on Tuesday, June 8th at about 10:30 p.m., police said.   More...

Older Students “Buddy Up” In P.S. 244 Reading Program

In March, P.S. 244 Staff Developer Chantal Numa had an idea, which she hoped would improve the reading skills of kindergarten students. More...

This Week's Attitude

Umpire’s Mistake Became Lesson In Sportsmanship

This Week’s Attitude

While much of the world focuses on the World Cup soccer matches, some zealous fans of America's national pastime may still be caught up in one of the most controversial calls in the sport's 135-year history.   More...

View From the Middle

Most Of Our Pols Have Good Intentions (Don’t They?)

View From The Middle

Lately I find myself feeling slightly guilty; not necessarily shrouded in guilt, but admitting to myself that I’ve been denigrating our political leaders somewhat intensely. More...

Special Sections

Top Stories

Fourth R — For Rhythm — Added To P.S. 115 Students’ Education

Besides the basic three Rs — reading, writing and ‘rithmetic — first graders at P.S. 115 are getting a few lessons in a fourth R — rhythm. More...

Civic Group Presented With Awards At Annual Banquet Fundraiser

It’s been 14 years since Gardy Brazela walked the streets of Canarsie and surrounding neighborhoods and gathered the citizens of the area and urged them to come together as a big civic association to show our solidarity. More...

HES-Trained Youth Dreams Of Swimming In Future Olympic Games

On May 15, 1999, a bright-eyed little boy was born. Four years later, that child became part of the Hebrew Educational Society (HES) family as he entered into the Early Childhood Program. More...


Correcting A Correction

To John, (“Recalling Area’s Trolleys,” June 10th letter) 2/10/10: John, the trolley did run down East 95th Street. At the time there was no Original Pizza or any stores in the way of the trolley line. More...

Saving Student Metro Cards

Dear Editor: One way to save the MetroCards for our school children is to get rid of the dollar vans. More people would use our city buses, and there would be lots of money for our children to keep their much-needed MetroCards. More...

Whats your opinion?

Question: California is thinking about imposing a ban or a tax on plastic bags used in supermarkets and other retail stores to help combat pollution. The revenue collected would be used to help fight environmental problems. More...

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