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2009-11-12 / Other News

New Playground Unveiled For Students And Public

By Dara Mormile

(From left) Principal Rubenfeld welcomes students and guests to opening ceremony last week; students try their skills on hop-scotch court and dancers perform on world map. Just weeks after P.S./I.S. 66 opened a new middle school science lab, another addition to the seven-year-old school was unveiled last Thursday.

With emphasis on the importance of recreation and physical fitness in students’ lives, the school’s administration hosted an official ribbon cutting ceremony where the playground was unveiled. Students from all grades gathered in the schoolyard, anxiously waiting to see the new playground, which had been under construction since August.

“We’re proud to announce the opening of this playground to both students and the general community,” said the school’s staff developer Barbara Rudnick.

The grand opening of the playground, adjacent to the school at East 96th Street between Foster Avenue and Avenue D, included a poem recital by one student and a dance performance on a newlypainted in-ground “world map.”

Photos by Dara Mormile New amenities include a running track, freshlypainted hopscotch and skully boards, Astroturf, a tennis court, and monkey bars.

Principal Joel Rubenfeld thanked the Parks Department for working with his staff and the students on the beautiful design of the new play ground.

It should be noted that while the playground is Parks Department property, it is off limits to the general public during school hours.

P.S./I.S. 66 students gather in new playground unveiled last Thursday morning. The New York City Parks Department worked since August to resurface the playground and install new amenities that are also available to the public.

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