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2008-05-01 / View From the Middle

View From The Middle

Dems Just Can't Seem to Get It Right; And It's Hurting Them
By Charles Rogers

By Charles Rogers

The old political cliché, "It's all over but the shouting," doesn't hold up, at least in the race for the Democratic nomination for president. Candidate Senator Hillary Clinton made sure of that last week when she handily won the nod in the Pennsylvania primary, as if you didn't know by now.

True, "handily," in this case, means a margin of ten percent - not much in the long run, since her adversary Senator Barack Obama had been winning just about every state necessary to tie the nomination up into a neat present for himself.

But Pennsylvania was important. Although it only garnered Clinton about twelve delegate votes, it still left Obama with a fine, long lead; long enough, some said, to have the nomination sewed up anyway. The delegate votes were still pretty overwhelming when it came to being in Obama's corner, but, seeing that the population vote in such an important state went to Clinton, there are Obama representatives and campaign staffers fairly writhing in their seats trying to come up with something that will stop her, or at least slow her down.

Right now, I've had just about enough of both of 'em.

They've certainly run out of strategic ideas about how to defeat the other. After all, they both belong to the same party, and if at this point all they can do is bicker like a snotty younger brother and a snobby older sister (yeah, that's what they remind me of!), where's the substance? I don't think I've heard either come up with anything really substantial in weeks - make that months.

It seems that what they're doing is destroying their own party - which doesn't seem to be in all that great shape to begin with. This last session is testament to that, with so little getting done while they keep pounding on the same old rhetoric, whether it's about the war or the economy. And one of the best issues addressed by our Democratic Congress - handing out to the American public a few hundred bucks to go on a spending spree to bolster the economy - was instituted by a Republican administration!

Meanwhile, Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican candidate, is sitting back on his heels, strategically posting regional managers throughout the country and getting ready for the big battle against either Clinton or Obama. Even if Clinton does have momentum at this point, I can see McCain hoping that she doesn't overtake Obama in the long run.

Deep in their hearts, Democrats are having some doubts about the great orator Barack Obama, with his cool, elite ways and youthful, yet seemingly rational and mature, approach to things. He was a real hit at first, and people were pretty well bowled over. "Hey. This guy's just like a second coming of John F. Kennedy!" I heard a few people say. But now, they've gotten a little tired of him. I think the "depth" that was seen in his demeanor at first has worn off and maybe "shallow" has replaced it. Oh, yes. He's still pretty darned shrewd and probably will be a good national leader - some day. Just not yet. He's got a lot of growing up to do and, frankly, I don't think he should go through his growing pains on the backs of the American people.

With that said, I would say McCain would welcome Obama into the ring; unlike Clinton, where, if she keeps being more down to earth (despite a few over-elaborated speeches, I mean, uh, lies), would give McCain a good many rounds before the fight is over. I'm not going to forecast who would win before I see my bookie. With the latest setback to Obama - that of his former minister, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, expounding on ebonics and the impact of linguistics on America 50 years ago, coupled with Senator Clinton challenging him to a verbal duel on television sans moderators - which he refused - it would seem he is heading for an uphill run.

But don't worry, we still have about a dozen primaries to go and Obama is STILL ahead in delegates.

Make way for the McCain steamroller!

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