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2006-10-19 / Letters/Opinion

What's Your Opinion?

Compiled by Bill O'Neill

QUESTION: After the small plane crash in Manhattan on October 11, Brooklyn Congressman Anthony Weiner said he's reintroducing legislation that he first authored in 2004 that limits flights over Manhattan. Do you agree or disagree with his proposal? Why?

"They should limit the flights. When it gets cloudy, you can't see the buildings that well. And terrible tragedies like the one that happened to the Yankee pitcher might happen again." Edwin Hernandez, Starrett City"I agree because I work in Manhattan maybe twenty blocks away from where that tragedy happened. They need that. There are a lot of buildings in Manhattan. A lot of people could get hurt. Lucky more people didn't get hurt last week." Gloria Braxton, Canarsie"I don't think so. If you want to fly - and enjoy life - there shouldn't be a problem with that. If you have a private plane, that's why you have it: to go anywhere you want." Alberto Narine, Canarsie"If the planes stay at a higher altitude where they can be detected on radar, then it's okay. But if they are flying underneath the radar, that could be a sign of trouble, especially with the terrorist problem we have." Bill DeLaRusa, Canarsie

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