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2005-01-13 / Letters/Opinion

What’s Your Opinion?

Responses compiled and photographed by Bill O

“Yes, because they should only sell guns to people with permits. If they sell to people without proper identification or permits, then they should be punished. If they don’t have proper identification, then it’s no good.” Sovilia Pratt, Canarsie Question: In light of new gun safety legislation passed by the City Council, do you think manufacturers and dealers should be held accountable if they act irresponsibly when it comes to gun sales?

“Yes, in the same way the tobacco industry has something to give back. Yes, I do feel if it’s irresponsible they should be held accountable. We have to have some accountability in society, and the gun company is a good place to start. And since guns are such a big problem, maybe it would help.” Michael Famiano, Canarsie“Yes. If they weren’t responsible enough at the beginning to check a person’s background and demeanor. The public has to be kept safe. That’s the best way to keep everybody safe.” Shiffon Mulzac, Canarsie“Yes, they should be held accountable for selling guns to inappropriate people. That could cause chaos. It’s not necessary to put the public through all that trouble.” Julissa Sosa, East New York

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