2004-12-16 / Medical

Plaque And Problems Of Periodontal Disease

Gary S. Rafal, D.D.S.

Periodontal disease is a huge dental problem which affects millions of children and adults. These conditions are usually directly related to the presence of plaque. The severity of the problem depends on the bacterial composition of the plaque and to the patient’s natural resistance. Plaque leads to gingivitis, and can progress to periodontitis and bone loss if it is present below the gum. Most cases of gingivitis and diseases of the tooth’s supporting structures will be eliminated when plaque is eliminated. So, to control gingivitis, gum involvements and bone loss, plaque development must be stopped.

Controlling those infections usually requires a combination of mechanical, medicinal and perhaps surgical plaque control approaches. These must be orchestrated and controlled by your dentist. But for starters, learn how to brush your teeth and clean your mouth properly.

Some plaque-destroing mouthwashes are effective. This effectiveness can be increased if it is used in an irrigation device.

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