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2004-09-23 / Top Stories

A Tribute To An Atypical Businessman

As a young man, my father, David Price, started out assisting his father, a bakery owner in Patchogue on Long Island. Back then they delivered bread by horse and buggy.

Years later, after my grandfather relocated to Brooklyn, eventually wind-ing up on Avenue L, my father pursued a career in real estate. He subsequently founded and operated David Price Realty on Ave-nue L, across from where the bakery once stood.

As a realtor, my father was highly respected by his peers and was considered a pioneer in the growth and gentrification of Canarsie, where the business he found-ed and guided continues to operate at 9506 Avenue L, under the auspices of my brother, Howard.

In addition to running the business and raising a family with my mother, my father made time to get involved in community and civic activities. He served as President of the Flatbush Real Estate Board. He once received the “Mom & Pop” award from the Avenue L Merchants Association and regularly sponsored baseball teams for Canarsie youths. He also was a donor to the 69th Precinct Community Council.

Years ago he came up with the slogan for his bu-siness, “The price is right with Price Realty.”

His family, friends, and business associates were familiar with his standard late arrivals, always trying to sign that next deal. But we all benefited from his perfect timing on his jokes. His sense of humor was a cross between veteran stand up comedians Buddy Hac-kett and Sheckey Greene.

On occasion my father was sometimes mistaken for the actor Tom Bosley, who played the easygoing father, Howard Cunning-ham, in the popular 1970s television sitcom, “Happy Days.” Several real estate lawyers who knew my father told me that he look-ed like a softy, but actually when it came to business, he was not.

My father was hard work-ing, determined, and honest. The mold was really broken with him.

One of his favorite hobbies was photography and Dad was never without his camera. He saw things in the lens that most people didn’t recognize until they saw his pictures. He was also a talented saxophone player, who played in a band, which is how he met my mother. He was a musician, who throughout his life played to his own drum-mer.

David Price will be re-membered as a loving family man, a dedicated son who took care of his mother in her final years. A resident of Long Beach, he is survived by his wife Pearl, son Howard and fiancée, Donna Siegel, daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law George Ramos.

A service was held last week at Gutterman’s Fun-eral Home in Rockville Center. He was buried at Montefiore Cemetery in Pinelawn, NY.

The following is a tribute to longtime Canarsie realtor David Price, who died on September 12, 2004, at age 82. It was written by his daughter, Elizabeth Price-Ramos, exclusively for the Canarsie Courier.

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