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Praise For Principal

To Whom It May Concern :

IS 211 and its students are very fortunate to come under the leadership of Iris Crystal as our principal.

Many of our children come from difficult home environments that Mrs. Crystal and her staff deal with in a positive way. Although she has followed the Chancellor’s Regulations and filed all the appropriate paperwork, these regulations are not strong enough for the middle school children and limit the options that the school has in addressing these behavioral problems. Mrs. Crystal, the administration, the school-based Support Team, the deans, and staff are very concerned with what is best for the students.

Under Mrs. Crystal’s direction many pro-active programs have been instituted during and after school for all the students. Some of these programs are:

-African-American Study program was taught by Mr. Bostic after school.

-School-sponsored Basketball Team and uniforms were purchased.

-Newton, SES, Kaplan Programs.

-After school dances were organized.

-Computers for Youth Program was run on Saturdays for the students and their parents.

-Student Council.

-School Band organized as after school program.

-Award winning Telecommunications program. Each show is written, directed, produced, filmed and edited by the students. Shows are televised on BCAT and Channel 25

Mrs. Crystal’s door is always open to “her” children and their parents. Never has a principal been so sincere and have such a good rapport with all the students. Children have an uncanny ability to see through untruthful words spoken by adults. But when Mrs. Crystal talks to them, they know that she is sincere and truthful in what she is saying and only has their best interests at heart. It would be a grave injustice to Mrs. Crystal but most of all to the students if she were to leave IS 211.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Suzie Khan

PA President

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