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2004-09-09 / Letters/Opinion

What’s Your Opinion?

Responses compiled and photographed by Bill O

Responses compiled and photographed by Bill O’Neill Question: Would you prefer more choices in the upcoming Presidential election or are you satisfied with one of the candidates now campaigning? Why?

“Well, I think two presidential candidates are enough. I think the third candidate, Ralph Nader, is just there to take votes away from Kerry the way he took votes away from Gore in 2000. I think the third party candidates aren’t good because they are not well-funded or organized. If there is a third choice, it should be someone real popular, like the late Frank Sinatra.” Mark Itzkowitz, Queens“I think about this issue a lot. I think they should have more than two candidates because it gives people a greater choice. It shouldn’t be just Democrats against Republicans, but picking the best person for the job. I think that’s more about what the founding fathers had in mind.” Jonathan Sawyer, East New York

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