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2003-12-10 / Letters/Opinion

What’s Your Opinion?

What’s Your Opinion?

What’s Your Opinion?

“I expect to spend less. It’s been a rough year, financially, so I’ve got very little money. I had a tragedy in my family, so I don’t feel much like spending. But Merry Christmas to everyone anyway!” Judy Brown, Canarsie

Question: Do You expect to spend more or less this year than last year for Christmas Gifts?

“I expect to spend more. I’m more in the Christmas spirit this year. I have more money and the economy is better.” Glendora Taylor, Canarsie“More this year. My family and friends keep adding. I think a lot of people will want to spend more. People lost jobs, etc., but there is something about Christmas that makes people spend more.” Jemma Que, East Flatbush

“I plan to spend more because there will be higher taxes on clothing this year — and for some other items, too. Otherwise, I wouldn’t spend more. I have to get a lot of gifts for everybody on my list.” Shima Mosley, Canarsie

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