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2003-12-10 / Front Page

Police Have New Evidence In 30-Year-Old Murder

By Charles Rogers
Police Have New Evidence In 30-Year-Old Murder By Charles Rogers

By Charles Rogers

Lucie Schneider in her home on East 89 Street shortly before she was killed.

Police are asking for help from the public in solving a murder that occurred here more than 30 years ago.

At first considered a matter for the "cold case files," apparently new evidence has surfaced regarding the murder of Lucie Schneider on April 13, 1973 in her home at 1459 East 89 Street. Detective Chris Karolkowski of the 69th Precinct Detective Squad, who is now handling the case, said he is compiling details relevant to it and needs the help of "people — any people who were around at the time, including relatives" to tie different aspects together.

According to original reports on the case, the victim’s body was found by her husband nearly a full day after she was strangled to death with a rope or wire just before she entered her second floor apartment. There were no signs of either a robbery or sexual assault, nor were there signs of a struggle. Mrs. Schneider was fully clothed and her purse, containing cash, was found next to her body.

Police at the time surmised that the victim came home about 1:30 a.m. on a Friday and the killer or killers were apparently waiting for her nearby when she entered the ground floor entrance to the house and followed her to the upstairs landing outside the door to her apartment.

Mr. Schneider and his seven-year-old daughter were asleep and heard no commotion, according to the report, which stated that he awoke at about 7 a.m. and was "concerned" that she was not home but did not report her missing because he believed she spent the night with friends. He left the house with his daughter at about 8 a.m., going down the back stairs to his garage, taking his daughter to school and going to work. The daughter went to a Brownie meeting after school.

The husband returned home after work, garaged his car, and ascended the back stairs.

"It was when he went into the house and found no one there that he opened the front door and found his wife’s body in the vestibule," the report stated.

Shortly afterwards, the husband was charged with the homicide but he later beat the case, which did not get past a grand jury, the detective said.

"Now I’m looking for information from people who might have known the victim or her husband," Detective Karolkowski stated.

Old acquaintances, relatives or past friends of the family are asked to call the detective at (718) 257-6215. Karolkowski said all calls will be kept strictly confidential.

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