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2003-11-20 / Other News

Fire Marshals Investigating Blaze On East 98 Street

Fire Marshals Investigating Blaze On East 98 Street

Firefighters from Engine Co. 257 and Ladder 170 battled basement blaze at home on East 98 Street on November 12. Charles Rogers

A fire last week in a house at 1446 East 98 Street, near Avenue M was determined suspicious and is currently being investigated by fire marshals, according to FDNY authorities.

Fire Department spokesman Firefighter Sean Johnson said no one was injured in the blaze, which apparently started in the basement of the private home shortly after 3 p.m. on Wednesday, November 12.

"Firefighters from Ladder 170 and Engine 257 arrived at the scene at 3:07 p.m.," said Johnson, who noted that the firefighters were soon joined by Ladder 290 and Engine 103 from nearby areas. "They controlled it officially by 3:15 p.m.," he said.

"We transmitted the call that it was suspicious," said Firefighter Ed McNoble of Battalion 58, "when our guys reported there was a lot of volume of flames and smoke when they arrived." He said the cause of the fire was not immediately discovered and therefore it was handed over to fire marshals.

Firefighters from Canarsie’s Engine Co. 257 slowly wrap up hoses lying across East 98 Street near Avenue M after fighting basement blaze on November 12 that was termed “suspicious.” It is now being investigated by city fire marshals. Charles Rogers

"We’ve had a lot of cutbacks recently in fire marshals, so it might be a long time before we can find out just what started the fire," he added.

Officials from the 69th Precinct Detective Squad said they "rarely" are involved in fires where there is no injury or where they are not asked to investigate.

"If there is an injury or death, of course we investigate," said one detective, "but unless it is a blatant felony, the fire marshals are in charge."

Charles Rogers

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