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Student Struck Down Outside Canarsie High School... More...

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Firefighters Hurt Battling blaze

Two firefighters were injured last Saturday as personnel from Canarsie More...

Canarsien Who Shot Intruder To Speak At Civic Meeting Tuesday

A Canarsie resident who is under fire from the Kings County district attorney for allegedly using an unregistered gun to shoot an intruder in his two-year-old son More...

City Remembers Shuttle Heroes

To honor the astronauts who died Saturday in the space shuttle Columbia disaster, flags at City Hall were lowered to half-staff on Monday. Edward Reed
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This Week's Attitude

Sky’s The Limit For Discovery Disaster Inquiry

This Week

We are, once again, a nation in mourning. By the time groundhog Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his burrow in Sunday More...

View From the Middle

We Mourn, Then

We Must Go On
View From
The Middle

The phone call came just before midnight and the voice on the other end said something like, "get on a plane and head for the Cape. We need someone to meet a camera crew for the liftoff." More...

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Senior Warns Others About Robbery Scam

A knock at the door. An average looking woman with a pleasant face is standing there when you open it. She smiles and hands you your mail. More...

SSHS Student And Uncle Save Two From House Fire

Two alert, concerned men, a South Shore High School student-athlete and his uncle, pulled four people from a burning house in the Greenpoint sec- tion of Brooklyn two weeks ago. More...

Support Sought For Planned Canarsie History Museum

It More...

Arts & Entertainment

"Lively, But Predictable" Cat-&-Mouse Thriller

AP Entertainment Writer

"The Recruit" does what every good spy movie should do, at least for its first two-thirds: It makes covert operations, in the name of something as stodgy and buttoned-down as patriotism, look sexy and exciting. More...

Motion Picture Association of America Ratings

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World Of Reptiles Explored In 4-Part PBS Miniseries

Some amuse us, others terrify us. They slither, swim, walk and crawl, leap and lunge, and some spend their entire lives contained within a shell. Their ranks include some of the most skillful predators on Earth. More...

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