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Passersby Trash Is Costly

For Rkwy. Pkwy. Resident
By Charles Rogers

For Rkwy. Pkwy. Resident

By Charles Rogers

No matter how hard the resident of the house on the west side of Rocka-way Parkway between Flatlands Ave-nue and Avenue J tries to keep her sidewalk clean, it’s an almost impossible task. She dutifully takes the broom to it every morning and, because she is an 85-year-old frail senior citizen and finds it "not that easy a job sweep-ing every day," neighbors and visiting relatives pitch in now and then in a futile attempt to keep it clean. "It looks nice in the morning," she said, "but that doesn’t last very long." She asked that her name not be revealed.

By early afternoon, the students from Canarsie High School, located down the block, come by on their way home and leave a virtual pile of debris be-hind them as they pass.

"There are gum wrappers, empty soda cans, empty cigarette packs, pieces of paper and I don’t know what-all," the woman says.

Her big complaints, however, are not only with the errant students but with the New York City Sanitation De-partment. Within the past two weeks, the woman has received three summon-ses for $50 each from the Sanitation Department enforcement, with the com-plaint stating there were "empty bottles and cans, plastic cups and chip wrappers" plus more, "causing a public nuisance."

"Public nuisance indeed!" the woman said to the Canarsie Courier this week. "I’m a good citizen and I try to do all I can, but these students obviously haven’t been taught not to throw garbage on the street and sidewalk and I can’t stand in front of my house with a broom in my hand and sweep up after them every hour."

What to do?

The woman was told to contact Coun-cilman Lew Fidler, Senator John Samp-son and Assemblyman Frank Seddio, as well as the City Environmental Con-rol Board, where she has been directed to send a $50 check or a plea of not guilty.

The request to Assemblyman Seddio resulted in the legislator sending a letter to Chief John Kelly, director of the Sanitation Enforcement Division to ask for assistance.

"Maybe the letter will help," the woman said. "In some places they put garbage receptacles on every block and in the middle of the block. I hope they do that in my case.

"It would also help," she added, "if the students would be taught some of the basics of sanitation."

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