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2002-09-19 / Front Page

Six-Car Crash Leaves 11 Hurt

By Charles Rogers

By Charles Rogers

Eleven people were taken away on stretchers following the crash yesterday involving six vehicles, including the three above, in front of P.S. 114 on Remsen Avenue between Glenwood Road and Bay View Place. See story on page 3. Charles Rogers

A six-car collision in front of P.S. 114 on Remsen Avenue left seven adults and four children in the cars injured, according to authorities. All were taken to Brookdale Hospital by Emergency Medical Service paramedics after the crash, which occurred at 9 a.m. just after most students had arrived at the school. No students or pedestrians were hurt.

Police from the 69 Precinct reported witnesses said a 1990 Honda, heading east on Glenwood Road and allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed, turned north on Remsen Avenue and, half way up the block, near Bay View Place, swerved around a school bus that had just deposited young students at the school, entering the southbound lane.

At the same time, a 1992 Lincoln belonging to a car service and a 1993 Toyota, both also headed north, were pulling out from in front of the bus and were sideswiped by the first car, which then deflected back into the southbound lane, striking a 2002 Mercedes. The Mercedes, in chain reaction, then struck a 1995 Ford, which crashed into a 1996 Ford.

There were four people in the Honda, three in the Lincoln, and one each in the other cars

One witness said she saw the car make the turn from Glenwood Road and "worried whether it would make it past the school okay," she said. Another witness said it was "a miracle" that the accident happened a few minutes after school had started.

"If this had happened maybe five minutes earlier," she said, "there would have been kids and their parents crossing the street right where the accident happened."

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