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Tuning In

By Sally Stone

By Sally Stone

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The great Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote a poem about an old couple facing the end of the long life they shared. The wife, using the word "Jo" — a Scottish term for a loved one — says to her husband (and I paraphrase, with apologies to all Burns fans) — John Anderson, my Jo, John ... We climbed the hill together and together we’ll climb down.

I thought of that when I learned what "The X-Files’" Gillian Anderson (perhaps a descendant of that old couple? — or not) said about being to-gether with David Duchovny on May 19 when FOX airs the 9-year-old show’s final two-hour episode.

"If, for any reason, he wouldn’t have been on that episode (with me)," Anderson says, "I would have thought, this isn’t right." Duchovny, she felt, had to play Fox Mulder to her Dana Scully one last time — both because the two could share the end as they had the beginning, and also because it would mark a point of closure for the audience.

(Note: The title of that last episode is "The Truth," and Anderson says it’s a most apt description of what gets un-reeled on-screen.)

DIAL TONE: PBS’s Nature series airs "The Polar Bears of Churchill" on May 19. (Check local listings.) Ewan McGregor hosts this fascinating look at what happens every year when hundreds of very hungry polar bears head in a straight line for the newly frozen-over Hudson Bay to start their winter-feeding. And the fact that the small Canadian town of Churchill stands in their path in no way causes them to change direction.

Also on May 19, Rosie O’Donnell hosts the "Survivor: Marquesas" reunion on CBS when the winner is revealed.

RENEWALS: "The Shield," starring Michael Chiklis, will be back for a second season on FX. And Jenny Jones escaped the cancellation fate that befell her fellow longtime talker Sally Jessy Raphael when Tribune agreed to air her show on all of its stations next fall.

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