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By Toby Goldstein

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Mia was forced to steal money from Liza and give it to Trey when he threatened to alert the father of Mia’s child to her deception. The money made its way to Roger. Greenlee decided to hire Simone as her assistant. Unaware of Simone’s involvement with Roger, Greenlee teased Simone about her mys-tery man. Coming: Liza has Mia on the hot seat.


Jack frightened Dr. Weston into cooperating to cure Rose and Carly. Henry ransacked Rose’s place but his search came up empty. After Donna and Marley took the twins home, Mol-ly wanted to fight for them but Tom warned her that the proceedings could get ugly. Coming: Rose undergoes treat-ment.


Distressed when the doctor refused to give her more pain medication, Am-ber paid Ziggy in return for a bag of pills. Whip knocked out Deacon with the candlestick and sent him home on the jet. Worn down by Whip and concerned for Bridget’s happiness, Brooke told Deacon that since she can’t control herself around him, she’s decided to marry Whip. Coming: Amber tries to hide her dependency.


Hope demanded that Lexie give up Isaac, but Rolf chloroformed her. Abe made a stunning decision and asked the judge to give custody of Isaac to Bo and Hope. As Lexie, Rolf and the baby escaped in a helicopter, a devastated Abe realized he’s lost his family. Chloe collapsed as she was leaving for her audition. Coming: A search for Lexie and Isaac.


Questioned by Sonny, Zander ad-mitted that he threw Carly out of bed because she still wanted Sonny. Alexis was horrified when she learned that Carly had seen her in bed with Sonny. Despite repeated denials, Sonny finally appeared to come to terms with Car-ly’s death after one of her shoes was found at the accident site. Coming: Tag-gert confronts Gia.


Marah immediately regretted sleeping with Romeo, but tried to use their closeness to get information out of him. At Tony’s bail hearing, he went into convulsions and was rushed to the hos-pital. Carmen gave him a syringe and Tony escaped. Coming: Marah risks every-thing for love.


Nora couldn’t go through with making love to Troy. She blamed her hesitation on memories of Colin, and a fed up Troy said goodbye to Nora. Sam learned the truth about Blair and Jack and pressed Todd to tell everything to Blair. Instead, Todd told Blair that Nel-lie wants the baby back and that they must leave the country with the children. Coming: A big secret comes to light.


Shocked by the contents of the vi-deotape, Theresa cut a deal with Re-becca’s henchman to protect Ethan, just as the schemers intended. Theresa pan-icked when she believed Ethan was about to be arrested for murder and head-ed for the police station, as Ivy and Re-becca joyfully expected to see Theresa get trapped. Coming: The zombie prepares to triumph.


Rafe signed over his soul to James in order to help Alison, but Ed interfered and struck his own deal with James to save Rafe’s soul. As Rafe prepared to rescue Alison, she appeared to have lost all memory of him. Lucy bailed Alison out of jail, but when they return-ed to the painting, Livvie had cut it to ribbons and Alison revealed that now they’ll never find Kevin. Coming: Lucy attempts to reach Kevin.


As Nick romanced Sharon in the Caribbean, she decided not to tell him about what happened with Diego. Un-able to get over Malcolm’s tragedy, Alex decided to move back home to Min-neapolis. Paul was stunned to come face to face with Chris and they shared a passionate kiss. Isabella collapsed, underwent an emergency delivery of a baby boy, then lost consciousness. Com-ing: Unexpected events at the school play.

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