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2001-11-01 / Top Stories

P.S. 244 Students Salute Hero Police & Firefighters

P.S. 244 Students Salute Hero Police & Firefighters

P.S. 244 Students Salute Hero Police & Firefighters

The school's honor guard dutifully and proudly displayed the Stars & Stripes while the school's assembled children recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

By Charles Rogers

The third and fourth graders at P.S. 244 have been discreetly told about the tragedies of September 11th, 2001. According to Principal Ms. Grace Alesia and Assistant Principal Ms. Joan Palmer they have also been "learning about and discussing" the acts of terrorism that have plagued the country recently.

"The children said they are grateful to all the police officers, firefighters and emergency service workers who have worked so hard to protect us, even if it meant losing their lives," said Ms. Alesia.

To show their appreciation, the children, under the tutelage of teachers Carine Fabien and Loretta Favours, put on a special show for the police from the 67th Precinct and firefighters from Engine Co. 310 on Snyder Avenue during their Friday morning assembly session in the school auditorium on October 26th. Unfortunately, the guests of honor had to delay their appearance because of a local emergency involving a fire on Church Avenue that enlisted their services and they were unable to attend the assembly session.

Firefighters from Engine Co. 310 gladly posed with their admirers.

However, the firefighters — more than a dozen of them — showed up in the afternoon and were kind enough to visit the children’s individual classrooms.

"We just wanted the kids to know we appreciated the show they put on, even though we were too busy to get to it at the time" a firefighter said. "I’m sure they understand."

Officers from the 67th Precinct took the time to visit the school this week, also thanking the children for their efforts.

Firefighters from Engine Co. 310 on Snyder Avenue show their special fire fighting gear to students from P.S. 244 after the youngsters put on a benefit show for them last Friday morning. The patriotic assembly, given by third and fourth graders, also included a special segment for police officers of the 67th Precinct. Photos by Charles Rogers

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