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2001-06-07 / Top Stories

Deadline Approaching For New "Cease & Desist" Statements

Deadline Approaching For New "Cease & Desist" Statements

Deadline Approaching For New "Cease & Desist" Statements

Above Cease & Desist statement may be used by home owners

By Charles Rogers

According to officials of the New York State Department, the next deadline date for acceptance of "Cease & Desist" statements is June 15th. Those statements tendered at that time will be in effect when the new list comes out in July.

The statement, signed by homeowners, advises licensed real estate brokers and salespersons that they are prohibited from soliciting listings of their residential property.

Information on the card issuance came as a result of the recent meeting of the executive board of the South Canarsie Civic Association.

The Cease & Desist rule is in effect in Kings County in Canarsie, Mill Basin, Marine Park, Mill Island, Bergen Beach and Futurama, as well as all of Queens County, parts of Bronx County and some sections of Nassau County.

Although each owner’s statement is in the form of a pre-addressed postcard that can be mailed directly to the State Department, reproductions can also be mailed, as long as the wording is the same, according to authorities.

The statements are to be mailed to:

Secretary of State

New York Department of State

Division of Licensing Services, 19th Fl.

123 William Street

New York, N.Y. 10038-3804.

While June 15th is the filing deadline for the July Cease & Desist list update, filing will be accepted continuously for the next update, which will be published in January, 2002.

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