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Our offices are located at:

1142 East 92nd Street
Brooklyn, New York, 11236
Tel: (718) 257-0600
Fax: (718) 272-0870
The Canarsie Courier has been published every Thursday since 1921, which makes it Brooklyn's oldest weekly newspaper.

Originally founded by Walter S. Patrick, it was purchased by Bob and Joe Samitz in 1959. In 1998 the Samitz family sold the paper to Donna Marra and Sandra Greco.

The total distribution of our print edition is approximately 10,000. It is sold locally at newsstands and by youngsters who hawk in the old-fashioned, traditional manner, just as they did when the cover price was 2 cents (years and years ago!).  Incidentally, the cover price is now 50 cents, willingly paid by our loyal patrons. Mail subscribers live as far away as Florida, Texas, and California.

The Canarsie Courier covers Canarsie, MIll Basin, Marine Park, Flatbush, Kings Plaza, Georgetown, Bergen Beach, Flatlands, Starrett City and East New York. The population in the distribution area  (more than 210,000) is diverse, and consists of hard-working, mostly blue-collar, middle class citizens. Statistically, estimates are that three-quarters of our readers are women. Six percent of our readers are under 19 years old and 15 percent are between the ages of 20 and 29. Approximately 25 percent of our readers are 30 to 39 years old and 15 percent are between 40 and 49. Those over 50 years old take up the remaining 39 percent.

Besides the wide range of original columns and articles, the Canarsie Courier contains many syndicated items from Kings Features and Tribune Media Services.

With a staff of top editorial, graphic design, and advertising professionals, the Canarsie Courier has traditionally been the leading news and advertising medium for south-east Brooklyn, with advertisers enjoying an excellent return for their dollar. We are the publication of choice not only because of our long-standing reputation for accurate, comprehensive news coverage but for excellent results for advertisers.

We are proud members of the New York Press Association (NYPA), the Suburban Newspapers of America (SNA), the National Newspaper Association (NNA), and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (BCC).


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Planting trees along the

Planting trees along the creek at E108 St and Ave L may help in curtailing the overflow but it will not do anything to stop the undertow. I was in the first floor apartment and witnessed the water gushing right through the floor boards. My structural inspector described this in his report as "The Hydro-Static pressure has heaved up the crawlspace concrete floor." In other words the flooding came from underground and broke through the crawlspace. Joseph Kanabrocki
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